Well done

Today as I attending virtual church, the pastor reminded me of a few things. I thought I would share them with others.

In scripture Jesus calls us to lay down our current life and follow Him. We have to stop following our own intentions and plans and look to Him for the right things to do. He calls us to follow Him, become like Him and to be used. He wants us ALL in.

In this we must let go of our expectations, but live a life of expectancy in Him. Execting Him to show up in and around us in amazing ways.

When we follow we see Christ as our savior. When we become like Him we see Him as our Lord. Finally, when we are used by Him we see Him as our Master.

Be faithful (steady) in ever moment to become more and more like Christ and allow His decisions, not your own, guide you.

Well done thy Good and faithful servant.

Photo by Wendy van Zyl on Pexels.com

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