A little lower

Let’s look at intelligent beings from a biblical standpoint today.

God, the angels and satan are celestial, spirit beings. Man is terrestrial and made of spirit and earth. Animals are terrestrial and made of the earth only. This is what differentiates man from God, angels, satan and animals. We are unique in creation based on the items that were used to create us.

What about the stations or authority each has. God is the ultimate authority, and he is the highest celestial being. The angels are the next highest celestial beings. God cast out satan and his minions (demons) and by doing so made them lower than the angels. When God created man, he made us “a little lower than the angels” and gave us authority over the animals.

What a lot of people tend to forget is that we also have authority over satan and his demons. The distinction is we are a little lower than the angels. Satan, though an angel, was cast out and made lower…even lower than man.

Look at scripture we see the authority Jesus and his disciples had over the demons. Even back then, men forgot about this authority, and it took Jesus reminding and teaching them that they could cast out demons because of the authority given to them by God.

All this to tell you, today you have authority over the evil that would try to break you, harm you or allure you. you are “a little lower than the angels.”

Photo by BurhanVerse on Pexels.com

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