Negotiating Associations

This is the last part of the “What To Think About” section of the complete Oswald Chambers.

It is not a foreign concept of associating one thing to another, such as Pavlov’s dog and the bell. In case anyone doesnt know the story behind Pavlov and his dog, I will tell of his experiment. Pavlov would feed his dog and ring a bell, this caused an association between food and the bell for the dog. If Pavlov rang the bell, the dog would start to salivate even if the food was not present.

The reading encourages seeking and associating everyday life items with Godly thoughts. A chair you sit in when you pray, The morning sunrise with the early dawn of the Resurrection. Associating as many things in our daily lives with Godly concepts, ideas and stories.

Being very mindful of the things that are associated else where that pull us away from Godly thoughts.

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