Thinking Godliness

I was going to summarize the intro to the next section of The complete Oswald Chambers book , but I think I will just post the entire verbiage.

“In Physical life we do best those things we have habitually learned to do, and the same is true in mental and spiritual life. We do not come into the world knowing how to do anything; all we do we have acquired by habit. Remember, habit is purely mechanical.” – Oswald Chambers

I don’t know about you, but this is great news and horrible news at the same time.  It give me hope that thinking Godliness and thinking on the things Paul write in Philippians 4:8 are just a mechanical habit I can work towards, but I know my inclination to get bored and create change were it is not needed.

Let’s see how we can make this a habit moving forward and renew my mind with His help. He holds the power to work these habits in me. The Holy Spirit is with me, meaning I already have the power to move mountains, surely I can move my mind into a habit of thinking Godliness.

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