Tired yet

I missed a day of sleep. My mind was racing and there was too much to do to sleep. I needed to do something to focus or maybe distract.

I prepped walls to be painted until 12:30, then I logged into work and started my day hours early. After I excused myself from work for a little break, I could barely keep my eyes open so I napped for 2 hours and then went back to work until 6:30 PM.

Sometimes we are asked to push that extra mile, and sometimes we decide to push on for 20 extra. I am being asked to go ALL the miles spiritually right now in my life. I have experienced a moving of the spirit and my physical and mental being does not want to accept it. So I fight against myself. I push the physical and mental harder then is necessary, or safe to be honest.

The Holy Spirit is chasing after me and only wants one thing from me. For me to die.

The Spirit wants me to die to self. To give completely into the spiritual being I was created to be and I let this… flesh have the rule of the roost.

Where are you hanging on to “fleshly” ideas, behaviors, reactions and deceptions?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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