I find myself in a place where Christ has called me to more, but not only that He has made sure there is significant strife in my life. Putting me in a lowly position. Making sure what I want is not a consideration, but verifying what I need to very evident.

Turning inward to heal my “wounds”, God has shown me that He must come first in all things. Without this truth, nothing else can be added. Other “things” must take the back burner until the king of kings is put in His rightful place. Only then can other items be added.

We want to put Him on the back burner and “fix” our lives before we come into His presence and build the only relationship that matters. No other relationship will be successful outside of the relationship we have with Christ.

There is a reason He state the 2 most important laws in a specific order. Love the Lord your God with all you heart, soul and mind. Love your neighbor as yourself. You can’t love others, even yourself, without first loving Him.

Where does your love start today?

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