Love and Lead

Today as I was listening to an amazing book I was reminded of a few very key points.

If you want to lead you have to serve. Jesus said this to his disciples and how true it is. We will not lead if we have no influence over others and we will not have influence over others if we do not serve them and help them to meet their needs.

Love is a verb, an action work, not a feeling. Agape love is the love that I am referring to. Agape love is the type of love they you give action to even when you do not feel like it. Agape love is the love displayed when you do kind things for those who might not like you or those you might not like. It is the love of doing what is right all the time regardless of your feelings.

So if we put these two points together we get this. It is only through agape love that we can serve others, do the right thing and not allow our emotions and feelings get in the way. Due to the love we show others, we gain influence and become a leader, not by appointed title, but by the fact that we can influence even our “enemies” because we do not let emotion and hatred show in our actions.

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