I am the only representation of me that has or will ever exist. You are the only representation of you that has or will ever exist.

Each of us is completely, uniquely created, and it seems some of us waste our uniqueness. It also seems that some of us like our uniqueness, and do not want to change.

Wasted uniqueness looks like this; when things are open to us because of the gifts, skills and talents we have and we refuse to use them, we waste them. I was once told this about my uniqueness, if God calls you to do something, He specifically chose you and your uniqueness to do it. If you refuse to do this item you have been called to do, the world will go with out it.

For change, I do not mean changing your uniqueness, rather I mean change to enhance what is unique about you. Those unwilling to change do so out of pride fear and/or uncertainty. Changing self to make self better is a great thing. We are called to serve others, don’t you want to be the best example of the “you-nique servant” you can be?

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