Break it down

A clean heart create for me, O God,
and a steadfast spirit renew within me.
Cast me not out from your presence,
and your Holy Spirit take not from me.
Give me back the joy of your salvation,
and a willing spirit sustain in me.
I will teach transgressors your ways,
and sinners shall return to you.

There are so many things to ponder in this scripture. It is so very rich with information that sparks discovery in our souls. Here are the items that come to me when I read this.

“A clean heart create in me” – We cannot produce a pure heart, no matter what we try without Him.

“a steadfast spirit renew within me” – We start our christian walk with a faithful, unwavering spirit, but we need to be renewed by Him

“Cast me not from your presence” – He can remove me from His presence. What a devastating thought

“your Holy Spirit take not from me.” – He can take away what He has provided, even to the extent of the Holy Spirit. Again how devastating of a thought

“Give me back the joy of your salvation” – His salvation comes with a joy, but we allow this world and its trouble to let us forget that joy of salvation.

“a willing spirit sustain in me” – We have to be willing and sometimes we have to ask He to help to be just that.

“I will teach transgressors your ways” – It is our job to preach the gospel and teach others about the ways of the Lord

“sinners shall return to you” – We are all God’s children, even those who do not accept Him as Lord and Savior. He gave us life and we entered a life of sin, which took us from Him. Now we must RETURN to Him.

What do you get out of this Scripture?

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