Have you ever wondered that if you treated others differently they would act differently?
My personal opinion and or observation; is that people tend to act as your opinion of them or the way they are treated.

Example: if you treat an elderly person as if they are not able to do the things that they are capable of doing eventually they will stop doing them.
After a while of family and friends constantly telling them that they are unable to do some things they start believing it even though they are perfectly capable of doing them, and continue to stop doing them.

Reverse of this; a young person is convinced that they are not able to do something that they are capable of doing but can’t because they believe in their mind they can’t. This same person is then convinced by family and friends that they can do something and then find out they can do it and excel in doing it. So what happened? It is the power of the mind.

The Same principal is if you treat people nice they are nice to you.If you treat people rudely they respond rudely to you.

So the best principal to follow is to treat people with respect and appreciate them for what they are, GOD’s children. Show them love and respect and they will return love and respect. If you want love and respect from others you have to show love and respect to them, it’s a two way street.
People tend act or respond to the way they are treated.

By Gerald Brown ( my dad 😉

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