Understanding issues

Working in the IT field the majority of my life, I have to utilize the years of experience I have to understand how to solve many of the problem I face through out the day.

In my head I see the issue and put it through the scenarios that can get me to the quickest solution.

Then it comes to spiritual problems and issues…. Lean not on your own understanding. This is a piece of scripture that we as human have a hard time doing.

We say, “ I know what’s best because of my experience”. God seems to think differently. You experience does not amount to anything in the presence of God. You must rely on His strength and power.

We as humans look at cause and effect. God doesn’t always work that way. If He did we would all get what we deserve, death.

Praise God I do not have to understand this completely. I just know He loves me more than I deserve and He went above and beyond to show me by dying on a cross.

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