Extra step

The crisp wind felt like needles as he walked that blustery day. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so alive. There was a new spring in his step and fluttering in his heart.

Things had changed in his relationship. It was always a serious relationship, due to the past they had shared. Something was different though. Something had awakened in him.

He had decided to take that extra step. Go one push beyond what seemed to be required. He was asked to go a mile and he went 3. He went to a place he never dreamed he could, much less would.

He had given his life to Christ a long time ago, but now he saw he needed to live it a little more and continue to push to that extra step. The funny thing is he knew that the extra steps would never end. There would always be another one, once he felt secure and accomplished on the one he was standing.

A life dedicated to Christ is a life always being stretched to love him and love others. It is a life worth living.

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