Trouble demons

Though our times of trouble, there are others who fill in the gaps we are missing and stand by us to be a voice of reason. They share the truth of God with us and help guide us. They are our “angels” in the moments of need. They work to serve the purposes of God.

Beware though of those who would pull us further into a troubling time. Either for their benefit or they just want to see the world burn. These “demons” will offer us sympathy that will keep us longer in a place we are meant to grow through quickly.

My question is this; are you someone’s “angel” today, coming along side them with empathy and helping support them while they come out of their valley moment or are you a “demon” offering sympathy and holding them in the bad position they are in?

Put a thoughtful effort into your role today. My hope is we will be “angels” today.

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