Do you have a daily ritual? Things that take place everyday. Have you ever had them interrupted? Causing a sort of disruption in your daily life that you did not see coming or linked so closely to your daily ritual?

I have recently experienced this disruption and now I have to work on discipline to regain my ritual or create a new ritual.

I honestly see this as God’s movement in my life. He has moved something so that my perspective could be changed. He has put a trial in place so that I must grow. The circumstances should never have a bearing on your relationship with Him. Even the ritual is not that important, but it helps to focus attention on Him. The relationship with Him is more important than the ritual. That all saids here are the items I tried to keep in my daily routine

Wake up at 3:00AM (currently disrupted)

Word on fire daily gospel reflections (

Write 2 blog entries ( one for public on for private)

Pray for family, company, community, country and world

Items I would like to add to my daily ritual over time:

Daily Lords supper

Daily kneeling and confessing sins

Read Approved unto God

Pray every hour

What are the items you do everyday? How are you handling the disruption, when it happens?

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