Love simply

What is there to say today? What words will stir up the spirit in us?

Sometimes I think we need to stop looking for the spiritually “high” places and live and breath in the day to day. Loving God and others with out “feelings” of some great thing we have to do or accomplish. The work of God is in everything we do, as long as we claim them for Him. Scripture says do ALL things for the glory of God. ALL things, when you eat or sleep or brush your teeth, do it ALL for His glory.

So the challenge today is to love someone in something simple and claim it for Him. Hold the door for someone and think of Jesus washing the disciples feet while you do it. Tell someone you you are sorry for something you did , while thinking of Peter denying Christ 3 times.

The point is this today do an eveyday item, but make sure you are focusing on Him when you do it.

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