Hide and seek

Genesis 3:8-10 Reminds me of how easy it is to fall into life’s traps that are before us. We start out playing an innocent game of Hide and seek. We have sinned or done something that makes us shy away from God’s presence or feel unworthy to come before him and we run and hide. Before long while we are running and we don’t realize how far we have gone. We fall into a place that we feel like we are going to literally DIE. I have been there. Can you put a name to that place, Drugs, Alcohol, depression. The game is fun for a season, but the word tells us eventually it leads to death.

(Romans 6:23 for the wages of sin is death)

While we are in this place we don’t realize it, but the father is still seeking us.

It says in verse 9 “then the Lord God called to Man”, He is still seeking you. No matter what you have done, where you are currently hiding or what you are hiding behind. He is still seeking you. He will continue to seek you until he finds you. It is your choice to answer. Will you answer? Or will you continue to play the Game that life has before you? The reality of life is that it will end in death, but in the second half of the verse the most important part “But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” Romans 6:23

Let’s stop hiding from His presence, bring everything you are to him and see if He doesn’t wrap himself around you. You won’t have to feel ashamed, beaten or angry. He will cover you. His love covers the multitude. He is able to bring you to a place of peace with His grace. His grace and mercy are sufficient. If He can do it for me I promise he can do it for you.

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