Keep the fork

One of my favorite things as a child was Sunday lunch at Grandma’s. I could always count on a good meal with lots of love put into its making. A drawback was all the yucky vegetables. Some of the worst were stewed okra and tomatoes, broccoli, and lima beans. It was everything I could do as a small child to choke them down. Grandma never ate with the rest of us. She was always too busy keeping the food bowls full. I found out later she was one to eat as she cooked so she was full by mealtime. The best Sundays were when as she picked up our plates she told us to keep our forks. When you kept your fork, the best was yet to come.

All of us face days when our plates are filled with vegetables. It takes all we have to choke down the current events. The great part is there are also times when we get to keep our forks. Now it may not be grandma’s cobbler, loaded down with ice cream, but it is still just as sweet. Look around – it might be friendships, or a small child, but they are there.

As a closing thought, I now enjoy the vegetables as much as the rest of the meal. And when my time comes, please bury me with a fork, because for me the best is yet to come.

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