Ending and beginning

What does it mean to come to the end of yourself? What are you still holding onto that is stopping the Holy spirit from moving in and through you?

We have to repent of ever thinking we can fix ourselves. Self help is really no help at all. Only God can do the tremendous work to make us saints. The thing we need to do is stop trying to please others, ourselves and God. God does not need you to make Him happy, He wants you to be a vessel to carry His message.

Today we need to repent and stop thinking of ourselves. Today we need to focus on Him. Today we need to love others by giving them what they need not what will make them like us. Today they need to see and hear about the salvation of God, not the hinderance of a human. Stop blocking God in your life so that others might be saved.

So again, what is it in your life that keeps you for finding your end, so that He can begin?

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