In our lives we go through struggles from time to time. These struggles are in all facets, financial, spiritual, mental, sometimes just day to day living. So what should do we do in these times?

We should look for an accountability partner. Whether it is a mentor, a coach or some other relationship in our lives. Allow an empathetic person to come along side you and help you through your tough time. Be forewarned though, do not choose someone who is currently struggling with your same affliction. This will turn into a pity party of grand levels. Choose someone who has been through the situation, but is not in the midst of it.

If you want Godly advise from someone, make sure they are living a Godly life. You cannot expect to have Godly advice from someone who is living a sinful life.

So where do you need help today? Do you have someone to come along side you?

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