Has my behavior or actions caused others to sin? Have I sought out those who once believed and have strayed away from the love of God?

The sinful things I do, do not only affect me. They are a thousand arrows that are released in every direction. Seeking a target to wound or kill. Every action or word from me has the potential to destroy or build someones faith and walk with God. Do not miss the word “EVERY”, for it is truly every action and word that gets a reaction from others.

Do not think for a minute that the things you do in private do not affect other people. When you privately sit in a sinful nature and do and say things that change your spiritual demeanor, you have affected everyone you come in contact with, because you will no longer have the ability to correct anyone in the area you sit in sin.

For the second question. I am called to seek out those who have strayed from the truth and to guide them back. If I see a believer who is stuck in a sinful action, it is my duty to God to correct them and bring them back. As a good shepherd would for a single sheep. Did you know that shepherds break the legs of a sheep that keep running off and carry them until they were healed? Do you see how strong of a vision this casts on us?

If I see a fellow believer straying, it is my job to correct them. If they continue to fall into the same behavior, I might take drastic and painful actions to get them to move away from the thing separating them from God. To be a good shepherd we must then carry that person and bear their weight to see them through.

Amazingly beautiful image, wouldn’t you say? Not as easy as it sound though is it? How can we modify our behavior and things we say today to build people up? How can we help someone who needs guidance back to a loving heavenly Father?

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