Painfully thankful

My original intent for this blog was to share my daily thoughts and ideas with others and to be a place where others could do the same.

So with that said, I will share some things going on in my life. I am currently going through a bit of a painful experience. Both of my shoulders are impinged. My range of motion is greatly limited. If I move in certain ways it sends shooting pains in my arms and shoulders.

I am thankful for being this current situation I find myself in. It has thought me a lot about myself. I tend to push myself to the extreme and try to be self reliant. God if teaching me that we need to be in community with others. My wife has been a saint during this time. Helping me do tasks that I took for granted that I could do. Mostly she reminds me that I shouldn’t be doing things to make my shoulders worse.

I don’t always listen, but I am stubborn like that sometimes.

God thank you for the people in my life and thank you for limiting my movement so that I could see the people in my life more clearly.

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