Father God, I praise your holy name and thank you so very dearly for the sacrifice you made for me. I am here to be your servant and serve those you put in my path every day.

I want to ask blessings upon my Family today that they may know that you are the all-powerful God. Through the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ I bind up and cast out all evil spirits that have attached themselves to them. I bind up and cast out fear, anger, hatred and unforgiveness. I ask that you carry thess thing far from my family and do what you will with them. I ask that you build defenses for my family’s hearts, souls and minds to block the weapons of the evil ones that want to attack them.

I lift up to your care the company where I work. Protect us all as we work to provide for our families. Help us all to see that we are here to serve with and for each other. For those who may not know you, help those of us who do to be a shining light of your grace and mercy. Watch over the minds, hearts and tongues of everyone. Help us to build more trust for each other and break down these walls of miscommunication. I pray for the physical, spiritual and mental health of every person that works at my company. I expand this pray to their families as well.

I pray for those who reads this who might be suffering in one way or another. I ask you pour grace and peace into their lives and that you send the right person to pray specifically with them. I pray for those that read this and have others in their lives who are suffering, that they might go and pray with and for those people directly.

You are Father, You are God and I am here to serve you. Use me anyway you see fit today. I pray your armor is securely fashioned on me this day as I go to battle, by loving everyone I come in contact with this day.

In Christ name, Amen

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1 thought on “Prayer

  1. I echo and join in agreement with this prayer Lord.


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