Today in my reading it was uncovered there are 2 forms of interest, native and acquired.

For the most part native is all a child knows. Everything is intereting and there are no idea formed yet against a topic, but as an adult we have to acquire a “taste” for certain subjects that are no longer native to us.

If we look at Paul’s statement in Philippians 3:7-8, we see that Paul’s interest previous to meeting Christ on that road were all lost. All interests he once had were consider garbage compared to gaining Christ.

It is like we are toldin the parable Jesus told about the merchant who finds fine pearls and he sells everything he has to aquired them.

It is about the action to be aquired, If the man had just looked at the fine pearls and said “these are amazing pearls” and did nothing else, he wouldnt have aquired the pearls. Saying the Lord is king, without the actions behind it are just empty words. You do not have to do anything to gain the love of God, this is native. To gain the souls of the lost, or help the hungry, or have empathy for the widow is an aquired interest through work.

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