A workout to stop.

In this scripture I am reminded of the one thing God created my to do. Love!

There is this wicked treadmill I keep getting on. I want to love God and others so I start looking at the sacrifices I can make to show Him and them. Soon I am focusing on the sacrifice and not the love. Everything becomes about the sacrifice and my piety. I put myself in this heightened space in my head that I am better and know better than all others. I can fix all the problems if they would just listen to me. I mean I am willing to sacrifice my precious time to give these lowly, not as holy creatures my insight.

I become deity. I have moved myself into Gods place. So I become broken. I focus on self to fix it until one day I realize it is all about loving Him and allowing Him to love me.

I then realize I want to love God and others, so I start making sacrifices ….

Get off the treadmill! Love God! He never asked us to fix others. When the sacrifice becomes the focus you are missing the point of love.

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