No bad emotions, please.

Love cannot be taken back, and if it can it was not love at all. Love is about what is best for the other, or their needs not their wants. If we would take our actions back it means love was not our goal at all. Love is risking the relationship to provide what is needed not what is wanted.

It is kind of like empathy versus sympathy. Sympathy is connecting with someone to provide the emotions and reactions they want. Where as empathy is connecting with someone to provide the support they need.

Example Sympathy: I cant believe your boss/friend/child/etc would treat you that way, I would never do that. They are so “bad”.

Example Empathy: I understand why that would upset you, but do you believe that is what they meant by their statement/action? Maybe allow them to calm down and give them a call to clarify

Love is not about putting yourself in the negative emotion, its about putting yourself in their situation without the negative emotion of the situation and positive emotion of caring about them.

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