Daily lives

Everyday we wake up and we start our work day. This includes stay at home spouses, lawyers, doctors, computer specialist, pastors, priests, homeless beggar ,etc,etc,etc.

Hopefully the point is taken that we all work in one form or another.

I want to make something very clear for everyone though. If you work , you work for the Lord. There is not a job function listed above that is greater than any other. We are all working to make our lives better in one way or another.

Ahhh , you might ask about the homeless beggar. Do you not think they have a job too? Are they not trying to do what is right? Do you see them as trying to skirt society’s norm?

When was the last time you stopped to have a conversation with them and found out what is their biggest struggle? You pass them on the street and you have one of two reactions. You offer them a bit of money because of your “compassion” or you pass them by, because of your idea that they should be working to provide for themselves.

I venture to say both of these is absolutely wrong. When was the last time you stopped to talk to these street dwellers to have a better understanding of their lives? Have you asked the questions of the homeless, like what happened? Or what are your goals ? Have you offered to coach them to a better existence?

Some simple questions should let you know if they are honestly looking to better themselves. If they are, are you offering a way for them to get there?

Here is a thought, you are a child of God without a true home until He returns.

Homeless or otherwise, how are you helping others?

Photo by sergio omassi on Pexels.com

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