Where does that belong?

I have noticed something about me. I like seeing clean and tidy, but I am not a clean and tidy person. I become a clean and tidy person when it becomes a stressful item in my life.

It takes me back to working in a restaurant kitchen and mise en place. Misen en place is French for setting in place or what we were taught in culinary school, everything in its place. My mind loves the truth of this statement, but my nature has a hard time keeping it.

When I use it, I have feel a sense of joy. When I go with my natural tendencies, I feel nothing in the moment. When I look back at everything scattered after having no feeling or disciple to do what makes my heart and soul happy, I am distraught.

There are items in your life that do not require, “everything in their place”, but when you look back you might find you are not happy with the outcome.

So what I have found is this, I need these things to help me feel more satisfied in my daily walk. To put things in their place puts me in a state of mind to be happy and more useful to other people.

How are you cleaning up your messes today?

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

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