Unexpected Workout

Yesterday I worked for about 3 hours under a car. I was on a mechanics rolling creeper so as to avoid hurting my back. This morning I realized the errors I made while working, lying on my back. Too many times I did not rest my head on the creeper to avoid fatigue to my neck.

Needless to say, my neck is very strained today and it hurts to use the muscles I have to use everyday.

Two teachable items came from this situation. The first is this, when you are provided a tool use it correctly. Second, when you flex muscles in new ways you will feel the strain of them until you can strengthen them.

God has provided you His love to offer to others and when used correctly you get the opportunity to point them to a loving God. Using this love for others will sometimes be painful and strain your heart and soul, but only as you use it more will you strengthen your ability to serve and care for other people.

Hows your Love workout routine doing these days?

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

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