Who’s Watching

by Gerald Brown

Too many times adults, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or just friends forget they are being watched by others who’s lives they may have influenced positivity in the past. Such positive influence can be lost in one action or one word that can destroy your reputation with that person forever,or they may be of the state of mind that if you do it then it’s ok for them to do it. We all should be watchful and careful because we never know who is watching.

I wrote this because we all have probably been guilty of that at least once in our lives, as for me many times I sadly say.

“Let the meditation of your heart and the words of your mouth be acceptable to the LORD.”

If we constantly keep that in mind, we will be less likely to slip in that area of our lives.

We often forget GOD sees everything.

“O’LORD my GOD grant us discernment that we may take every thought captive before we speak.”

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