Recharge the charge

Have we succumb to the things we do not believe? Has the very thing that we despise pulled us from our mission? If we spend a large amount of time on or with the things we know not to be decent or moral, don’t we start to loose our decency and our morality?

I am not saying to stop spreading love to the world and I am not saying to cut ourselves off from the world. What I am saying is to be in the mix with theses things day in and day out has the tendency to change us for the worst.

Get recharged so you can continue the battle in the world. Warriors cannot fight on the frontlines for extremely long periods of time they need to fall back and regroup or they become a danger to themselves , to those around them and to the mission.

So remember to take a break, pray, meditate, and recharge, because the next battle is just over the next hill.

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