Am I hallowed?

Our Father who art in heaven, Hollowed be thy name

He is forever hollowed. He is forever in power and majesty, yet He desires our faithfulness to Him. I can see where some may be taken aback by this, but it makes me want Him more.

Even in my doubt. Even in my misunderstanding. Even in my wayward thoughts and actions … I want more of Him.

Even as I write this I wonder, “Do I write this for me or Him”

I am by no stretch perfect or a representation of any of the saints who came before me, but I love God in my imperfections and my sinful nature, I work to overcome these things. In the midst of His greatness, I am weak and broken. … And I love it. I am allowed all the freedom in the world to not accept Him, but I do. He is the only thing in, and out of this world that makes sense.

Be at ease, I in no way equate myself with the great saints, but they started the same way I did, believing that God came to this earth to die for the sins of man. This makes me conscience of the fact that I am incapable to save myself, but gives me hope that there is a way to salvation.

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