Goal setting

Gods kingdom is forever present. Our lives are but a mist. Gone soon after it was created, yet we fill our live with worthless, vain objects. We grasp them and hold them tightly for fear of loosing them, but in the process we loose our souls to the battle against the evil one.

How happy can we really be when there is so much that consumes our attention and draws us away from our true love, Jesus Christ?

Whatever is cutting in on the time you have to spend with the Lord needs to be reviewed and potentially removed.

Overwhelmed? Ask the Lord of hosts to help you. His yoke is light.

I have been told all my life we should set a goal and look to achieve it. So I am setting a goal for everyone… well Jesus set it. Love the Lord your God and others more than yourself each day and everyday the level of love shown should increase. This is not easy, but extremely simple.

Other than God, who do you need to love today?

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