You can’t fix it

We cannot fix other people. We can coach and guide, but we cannot fix them.

We might see the glaring faults in other and we can mention these faults to them, but ultimately they have to make the decision to change or correct themselves.

This is like our relationship with God. He shows us areas that we sin and may, from time to time, provide punishment or circumstances, but ultimately we have to make the decision to change.

Here is the thing about it though, they may not even realize they are in dire straights . Though we cannot make the choices for others, we should show them love, mercy and grace, by providing them the information about the situation.

Maybe in these situations, God has hardened the other persons heart or hidden the truth from them so that He can grow us. Showing us to what extent we show love, mercy and grace to others.

Are you showing love, mercy and grace, as you Heavenly Father does?

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