What must I give up?

This is a question that has entered my mind, especially before or during a time of fasting. Medical and spiritual fasting both entice this question.

There is another time this question comes up. When we are at introduced to God for the first time. We seem to have this hang up about, ” I would become a follower, but I don’t want to give up _________.” Fill in the blank.

So what does this fasting and following look like? What needs to be given up?

Here is a good test for all these situations. Scripture says to love the Lord your God with all your soul and all your mind and with all your strength. So measure your _______ against your love of God. Do you Love ______ more than God? Do you spend more time with _______ than with God? Do you think about _______ more than God?

Maybe it is time to give up ________!

All to often the blank is filled with one word. Self

Self and all that comes with it. My rights, my position, my stuff…etc.

Please do not hear me wrong in this. Give up self does not necessarily mean giving away all your possessions and all the things that make you you, but it does mean to think less of them. If you can’t do that, then maybe just maybe you should give them up.

Last question, is ______ worth giving up your soul?

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