Routine failure

The next few days will be filled with restful times or busy but different times. My hope for you is that you will not miss out on your routine items. Such as, reading scripture or praying daily.

To forego these things when schedules are different puts them at risk of not being routine anymore. Some times we need routine to make sure we are doing the important things.

Think of any sport or musical instrument that you have been involved with playing. You practice on a regular, scheduled basis to make sure you are improving or keeping the level of expertise you have.

There are some who are naturally gifted to play sports of musical instruments that do not require routine training or practice. I venture to say there is only one who could claim this about His relationship with God the Father. Yet, He still practiced routine.

Are you better than the Christ of God? Do you have a better relationship with God than Jesus?

Shouldn’t we honor our Heavenly Father by ensuring the daily items get accomplished? Not for works sake, but for our sake, that we may draw nearer to Him.

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