Christmas, a time of celebration?

Just to show you how disobedient you have become, I will do something that will make you decide once and for all if you want to love this disobedience or you want to love me. It is the saddest story you will know. You will love it or hate it. You will accept it or throw it away.

Because of your disobedience, I will cause pain and suffering to someone extremely close to me. Pain and suffering even until death.

My son will be put to death for your disobedience. He will suffer a brutal death for you, so that you can have a relationship with me.

How will you choose? Will you be broken-hearted and return to me, or will you choose your disobedience?

Soon you will celebrate either the birth of my son or you will celebrate more disobedience.

How do you think of Christmas?

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