Now lie in it

When I was a child I always asked the question, “Why do I need to make my bed I will just be getting back in it in a few hours.”

Then I went into the military and making a bed became something very different. It was an amazing new experience. When everything is put together just right. It might just be the most comfortable sleeping experience  EVER.

Usually, my wife and I just pull the sheets and covers up over the pillows and call the bed “made”, but recently I decided to make the bed nice and tight like I learned so many years ago in the military. My wife was extremely pleased and really enjoyed the way the bed looked and the way it slept at night.

We can do things or we can do things correctly.  Putting in a little extra effort usually produced exponentially better results.

How can we put in a little extra in all of our relationships today? fullymadebed


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