Is what you crave, consuming you?

Have you ever been hungry for something but just couldn’t figure out what you were craving? Or know exactly what you are craving and know you don’t need it?

Sometimes the craving or desire we have is what we need to show us we have shifted things out of order. God is no longer the focus and center of our lives. The cravings we continue to “feed” have the potential to replace God and become idols in our lives. Even good things in our lives have this potential. Jobs, exercise, games, possessions or anything that is not God, has the potential to break our relationship with our Lord and King. Nothing deserves our best time and efforts, except Him. Everything else comes after this.

That doesn’t mean you good desires get scraps or become less. When you are focus on God, the overflow fills the other areas of your life.

What are you craving today?

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