Idea that needs some feedback

Recently my heart has been moved to offer a framework for small groups. Input is welcome and encouraged.

The small group movement in local churches is nothing new, just the dynamics of culture has changed. Small groups are where real fellowship can exist, even small groups not focused on churchy things. We need people to speak to and share ideas, life challenges and celebrations, to name a few. One of the challenges of small group is, so what do we talk about, how connected are our members during the week not just when we meet?

Another concern that I have heard from others is “I am not being fed in my church” or “I desire more maturity in my daily walk, but my church seems to only cater to the lost”. This goes with the idea of milk versus meat. The church can only offer milk in their services because you have to speak to your lowest common denominator, the lost who need to be saved. They are spiritual babes and need to be fed. If your spiritual maturity is beyond this and you need meat, why would you expect someone to feed you meat as if you where a baby? As a mature adult it is my job to find meat and fill myself.

We want to provide a place to grow spiritually. A maturing grounds, if you will.

So the idea is this:

The Vine Solutions will provide a daily scripture reading that usually takes about 5-15 minutes to read. This will put everyone on the same page everyday, as it relates to the scripture they are reading. We will also provide blog posts as another source of topics to discuss. Our hopes are to help small groups have a place to receive and provide insights to one another as a larger group of followers.

What your actual group looks like is up to you. Game night, dinner and a movie, family only, music jam session, or what ever it looks like. Just make sure to set aside some time to allow everyone to discuss the scripture and/or blogs from the previous week. What did you gain from the scripture? What was a challenge? What did you not like? What did you disagree with in a post?

Imagine having small groups every where who are focused on the same scripture and potential discussion topics. An online community of communities.

Any feedback, thoughts or concerns?

Oh and we could use some blog writers as well 😉

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