Offended Expectations

Are you giving other people the room to offend you?  I asked myself this today.
It seems we think or feel we will not be offended in this life.  That others will act and say exactly what we want them to do or say. Our minds, hearts and demeanor are thrown for a loop when this is not the case.  I would venture to say we have an unrealistic expectation of others.
It is not so much the being offended as it is whet we do with it.  We should ask ourselves so deep questions when we are “wronged”.
A few I can think of:
Did that person mean to hurt me? And if they did can I change the fact of what they said or did?
What is that person going through?
How would I want someone to treat me if I was misunderstood or offended them?
My job in any relationship is to show grace to the person and offer my peaceful response to them. If you want peace and understanding you have to give peace and understanding.
Today I will try to rewire my reactions to ask questions about the other person.

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