Sickness and sin

Do you ever feel a little under the weather, not a full on sickness, but you know something is not right? Usually we will do one of two things in those situations. We will ignore it and go about our business or we will react as if it were a full on sickness.

This makes me think of times the Holy Spirit does something similar. I might sense that what I am doing isn’t wrong, but that it is not right for me. So a “little sick”, but it just hasn’t turned into a full “sickness” yet. Times such as when the thing I am doing might cause another to stumble. I should be willing to give it up for the other person in that time.

Here is is my take on both situations. Treat sickness as sickness. Use the means you have to correct things. Stay home and do not bring your sickness to others. Rest and let your body heal before it becomes something else. If you sense even a tiny prod of the Holy Spirit, treat it as if you are in a dire place. God is letting you know that you are on the edge of a sinful deed, even if the thing you are doing seems innocent.

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