On edge?

On edge, irritated, frustrated, snappy…

Why do we feel and act this way sometimes? We are thrown in to a tailspin and do not know how to correct our path, going towards a self righteous end. AND there is the answer to the why question. SELF RIGHTEOUS. We can even get rid of the righteous and just say self.

These emotions, feelings and acts are all stemmed in selfishness and pride. You do know that people ( including yourself) are not perfect, right? You will be disappointed by people, but God says to lay down your life and your right to be “on edge, irritated, frustrated, and snappy” and love the other person with your actions, even when you do not feel like it. I would almost say ESPECIALLY when you do not feel like it, because that is when you die to selfishness.

Have you been here? What are you doing to get out of this mess?

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