Teachers from all over

I have been receiving God in some very “controversial” ways lately. In my daily studies, I have been reading/listening to Catholic Bishops, Baptist Pastors and Jewish Rabbis.

God taught me long ago about how to eat fish. You enjoy the meat and spit out the bones. When it comes to “consuming” the word of God and listening to a human deliver it, we have to remember they are human and fallible. We have to eat the meat and spit out the bones. This does not mean we ignore the stuff we do not want to hear. It means we consume the meat God has given to nourish the spirit, regardless of where is came from, and spit out the items that do not align with the spirit of God.

He has me and He deems to grow me however He sees fit. Today I will let Him grow me in any circumstance.

How about you? How is He growing you?

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