There are things that warriors must do regularly to ensure they are prepared in case they are need to defend or take the offensive.

Training: Learning to protect themselves and others against attacks of the enemy.

Weapon cleaning: making sure their weapon is ready to use at a moments notice.

Gaurd duty: keeping a watchful eye on the perimeter and beyond of their current location.

Keeping their room clean: Grounding them in a sense of humanity. Even though they are warriors, they are also human and the same as the ones they serve and protect.

So where am I going with this? God’s warrior is the same. We should train ourselves by staying in the word. Our weapon is the word of God that we hide in our hearts, ready for use in a moments notice. Gaurd duty is keeping an eye out for times to defend the faith as well watching for opportunities to share the faith. Keeping our sin debt to a minimum by confessing to the Lord and others, this is the cleaning of our room, reminding us we are still prone to the same sin as everyone else.

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