We as christians are part of a larger community, a spiritual family if you will. We have brother and sisters around the world we have never met. We are connected through the trinity of God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit all working together to connect us. Father for his protection and security, Son for teaching, living examples and salvation and Holy Spirit to daily guide us.

But what about our immediate family? what does that look like? Very similar, if you ask me. Parents fill these roles until the child has the relationship with the triune God. Both parents fill the jobs of protecting, teaching, giving good living examples and daily guidance. This is what we are called to do as parents.

We will undoubtedly need some help in our journey raising our children in the way they should go. Might I suggest others in you bigger church family? Sometimes we may not see the obvious or have questions about what to do. That is where your bigger family comes in, but you have to be a part of this community to reap its benefits.

The largest benefit from joining a local church, is pouring yourself out to help enrich other people. This is what God call us to.

How is your family doing?

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