How very petty we can be in our daily lives. We poke and prod at others when we feel they have let us down. We blow up at them or stubbornly refuse their wants or needs, if they have wronged us. Do so sometimes even when they have not wronged us in any way.

It’s no wonder in the midst of the world we live in today. We are bombarded with more fuel for the fire to hate one another. Reality TV shows have become popular for a reason, there is conflict. We point fingers at each other about our political differences and our social preferences. We do not like to forgive, we seem to like to sit and wallow in a puddle of self whoa or throw mud in the face of those we oppose or that oppose us. Most of the time these people are not our enemies.

How many times should I forgive was the question Peter asked Jesus. Personally, one or two times is hard, but Peter offered up seven as a potential solution, thinking it was a tremendous amount. Jesus, knowing what He was soon to do for humanity, said seventy-seven.

Even if you do not believe that Jesus was the Christ, He died an innocent death for you. He died a brutal and dishonorable death for you. Even if you do not believe, as I do, that He died to be the sacrifice for all the sins I have committed or will commit, He still died for you. He laid down His life for you.

In perspective of that, can’t we begin to forgive one another for the trespasses we have for one another? Forgiving when humbly asked for forgiveness. Forgiving even when not asked. Jesus laid down His life for each of us individually, regardless of our acceptance of it or not.

Can’t we see fit to lay down our lives a little bit for the benefit of the other person?

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