Being mindful

Today I would like to challenge all who read this message. Any who read this that do not believe in God, please continue to read as I believe it will be helpful to all.

Be mindful today. Slowdown for 5 minutes in your existence and just focus on your breathing or on a single object. This is the practice of being mindful. If everyone would just do this at least once a day we could help to rest our minds in the waking moments. This would help us to gain better focus in a world that pulls us from one fast, high pressure moment to the next. Implement this through out your day as a way to recenter and a calmness might actually over take our chaos.

Now for those of you who do believe in God, focus on the fact that you are always in the presence of God. He is always here. You are never left alone. The Great I AM truly is “I AM”. Ever present!

Read July 20th’s devotion at for more insight into the presence of God.

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