Drawing swords

How do I continue with this over abundance of fear? My heart is breaking as I watch myself do the things I do not want to do. How do I get out of this rut of behavior? Who will come along side me and guide me?

If you are like me you have had these exact thoughts, or something similar. Looking for godly council to help you out of a lifestyle behavior or deep depression or any other trouble here on earth is not a light task. The first issue is people are people, they have the same situations that you do.

Sometimes we get “sympathetic” council. To find godly council that is sympathetic is not godly council at all. Sympathy is “you poor thing” thinking and actions. This is type council is not beneficial. This person is putting themselves in the place of God. Trying to sooth your feelings, that God might be trying to help break you free from experiencing.

Empathetic council on the other hand, is extremely helpful. It is “Let’s face this together” thinking and actions. How wonderful to have someone tell you they will help you fight whatever battle you are facing. Not simply say, “I will pray for you” and walking away, but actually praying with them. Don’t just say, DO! It is a battle pickup your sword and fight with me.

Last point. The first place you should be seeking godly council is in scripture. God is pretty good at giving godly council and His “Sword” is always drawn and ready to fight with you.

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