What seemed like a minor interaction yesterday really set me off for some reason I could blame it on the medicine I’m on trying to kick this cough I picked up in Bruges but I think it hit deeper and got me thinking about our ‘competition’ on social media.

My first and foremost thought on that is simple! In your life your main challenge should always be Find a way to make yourself better than you were the day before!!! Your only competition is your past self and the only winner in this challenge is your future self!!!

Some people online use the glimpse into other people lives as part of their competition WHICH IS WRONG & SENSELESS!!! The first off doing that is like comparing your appearance when you get up in the morning to that model you just saw in a commercial!! How does that make sense?!? They had a team of people fixing them up to be in front of the camera and then photoshopped to be even more beautiful! Life doesn’t work that way!

I have friends I know in real life and some I know online who are doing SO MUCH BETTER than me! One owns houses all over the world and has a private jet. Another has a Tardis in his house (which truth be told is cooler than the jet!) I don’t envy them I’m HAPPY for them they earned those things and they deserve what they have. THEIR SUCCESS DOES NOT DIMMINISH MY EFFORTS!

Why do we let the edited, curated and filtered view of the lives of others on social media be what we strive for? I’m just as guilty of presenting a rose-tinted window into my world for others to peer through! I may share more of my struggles but so much what I present is to convince myself I’m doing fine all the while duping others into my wondrous #HackerAdventures

You don’t see me in my truly dark moments I’ve shared a few down and out moments when I think it will help others with where they are at. I don’t want to share all my moments of failures, of pain, of doubt and of grief because then people may get tired of me may stop liking me may not want to be around me. That’s not something bad that’s just an honest fact on how I’m sure others feel too!

So when you see someone on here doing good, celebrating a victory, having a wonderful time in some cool place your first thought should not be why them and not me! It should be congrats to them and I can’t wait to share my next victory and while you’re at it share your next failure and what you learned from it to do better so others may not make the same mistake! Share the times when things are going not the best too no one is going to think you’re doing it because you’re looking for sympathy or want pity points! They will think they are not alone and there are others who struggle and survive and that knowledge can be what they need to keep their head above water!

Social media should be a way to make us feel more connected with our friends even if we never met IRL why does it seem to make us more withdrawn from each other? Bring back the days of the BBS connect with those you meet on here don’t compete!

If you made it through this very poorly written drug induced (Nyquil mostly) ramble thank you! Also remember you’re already winning because no matter the odds you’re alive to read it and that is a victory I’m glad to congratulate on!!

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