Today's Enemy

You did not get to choose today, but today did not just happen either. Today is the day that the Lord has made.

He made this day and you are here to live in it. You get a great honor today. You get to choose your behavior today. You can get upset at those around you and say hateful and vile things or you can love others regardless of your “feelings” towards them. Show them kindness. Say words that lift them up, even if your tendency is to tear them down.

Today you can be a destructive power and say harmful things under the guise of being right or just trying to have a conversation. You could also love someone enough to allow them to have a different opinion on a subject. Just because they do not agree with you does not mean you need to treat them poorly.

Today please listen and love those who are around you.

There is no promise of tomorrow and it would be a disaster if your future best friend remains your enemy.

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